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Chinese Typesetting

Chinese typesetting is a specialized field where Chinese Translation Pro can contribute to your efforts.

Chinese characters are much more complex to typeset than Roman based language like English. The employment of different alphabet system makes it impossible to typeset with English based typesetting software.

We understand the typographic styles of the west and specialized in translating them into their equivalent style in Chinese characters.

Each font has it's own personality and talks to a different audience. The visual presentation of texts and the choice of fonts is a critical part of your document, it's as crutial as the underlining words.

Our Chinese typesetters all have many years experience in typesetting and digital publishing field. We make sure your document's typeface to be consistent within a document by diligently defining stylesheet the way it should be. Whether it's a business card, a brochure, or a report, trust the typesetting professionals at to produce the document that talks truely to your audience!

We can provide your digital media needs in Chinese language, incorporating translation texts into film, animation, graphics, interactive CD-ROM, video and support all major file formats.